Livestock Volunteers Potential Development Project 2016 พิมพ์
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วันศุกร์ที่ 04 ธันวาคม 2015 เวลา 09:24 น.

Angkana Bruminhent

Chief of research and development on technology transfer subdivision




Introduction and background

            Agriculuture Volunteer project, one of policies of Ministery of Agricuture and Cooperatives (MOAC), has the same concept as Village H
ealth Volunteer (VHV) program of Ministry of Public Health. VHVs have been continuously trained in order to take care of community health. They have
worked in community settings and served voluntarily as connectors between the community and the health care providers to promote health.

          Agriculuture Volunteer project is aimed to creat farmers network both in districts and subdistrict, Tombon and Mooban. The objective of this project is to manage all agriculture volunteers to have standard work procedure and efficient network in participating and integreting among themselves and government officers.

          The Department of Livestock Development (DLD) has implemented this policy since 1988 which is known as Livestock Volunteers (LV) project, and had 49,997 LVs in 2016, livestock extension and development division database on 5 March 2015. They have worked as assistant, and willingness to participate in Livestock Officers’ jobs for a long time. Obviously they won awards for prominent participation. Many honors and public sector quality awards which Livestock Volunteers have received from Office of Public Sector Development Commission (OPDC) since 2013, were as follows:

           2013: public management participation award, excellence award.

           2014: expanding public management participation awards, honorable mention award.

           2015: expanding public management participation awards, at least three provinces, award of good level.

          It is important for the DLD to prepare LVs to be ready to work with, and improve longterm development system in order to increase modern knowledge, working skill, and how to use of technology in their farms. Livestock extension and development division has assigned duty and responsibility for them and updated LVs database annually, which can be linked to Agriculture Volunteers database of MOAC.

          “Interests include needs and gain adventages of working together” is a principle procedure.

In response to the MOAC’s policies, the DLD needs a procedure and system for achieving success in the project. Livestock extension and development division as a project manager is responsible for implementing the project and providing specific training courses for LVs, and be a LV database center as well.

Objectives        to develop LVs

          1. To transfer livestock knowledge among livestock farmers and livestock officers.

          2. To be livestock farmer leaders.

         3. To be volunteers in the DLD’s projects , for example; disease prevention, control and eradication, disease surveillance, and royal cattle and buffaloes bank for farmers.

Duty of livestock volunteers

          1. To be livestock officers’ assistant, such as livestock vaccination projects against contagious diseases (Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD), Haemorrhagic septicemia, Rebies, etc.)

          2. To control and eradicate diseases.

          3. To carry out disease surveillance.

         4. To survey and record livestock data in district, as well as livestock in the royal cattle and buffaloes bank for farmers.

          5. To dissiminate, transfer livestock knowledge, and to be coordinator.

          6. To be example and demonstrating farmers.

          7. To join in other tasks as assigned from livestock officers

Farmer qualifications

          1. Aged at least 18 years old.

          2. Finished primary school or has livestock experience at least two years

          3. To be recognized by social community.

Livestock Volunteers potential development project 2016 activitie abd budget allocation


LVs (people)

Budget (baht)

  1. Livestock Volunteers fundamental



  2. Livestock Volunteers development



  3. Livestock Volunteers’ day



  4. The best Livestock Volunteers awards



  5. Livestock Volunteers accident insurance






*Only livestock extension and development division’s budget in 2016


Responsible Government agency

   1. Livestock extension and development division

   2. Livestock provincal offices

   3. Regional Livestock offices

The following projects are provided for Livestock Volunteers:


   1. Livestock Volunteers fundamental project (new Livestock Volunteers)

       - One day training by Livestock Provincial Officers.

       - Detail of the training course are as follows:

        1. Role and function of the DLD, Livestock Provincial Offices, Livestock District Offices, and Livestock Volunteers.

       2. Basic knowledge of livestock diseases, disease control, and important topics of Livestock Provincial Offices etc.

   2. Livestock Volunteers development project

       - One day training by Livestock Provincial Officers.

       - Training course on very important topics of Livestock Provincial Offices or livestock urgent needs

   3. Livestock Volunteers development progress project

       - One or two days training by Livestock Provincial Officers.

       - Detail of the training course are very important for Livestock Provincial Offices, such as train to be trainers, train to be leader farmers, train to be vaccinators, and other concerned topics as epidermiology, artificial insemination and so on.

   4. Livestock Volunteers’ day

       - One day, operated by Livestock Provincial Officers or Regional Livestock Officers.

       - Livestock Volunteers’ day is for LVs to share their experiences, to acknowledge and honor the best LVs, to join in activities among themselves and Livestock Officers, as well as to solve livestock problem together.

Expected result

         The DLD has enough efficient and potential Livestock Volunteers to get ready for working as assistant Livestock Officers, which is one of the methods for livestock development in our country.

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